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Brands scoring with the 2018 FIFA World Cup

After four years of waiting, the FIFA World Cup is back, whipping up an unrivalled global frenzy that transcends borders, generations and language. As the world’s largest single-event sporting competition, the tournament presents a powerful marketing platform.

With an estimated viewing audience of 3.2 billion, made up of die-hard football fans and non-football fans alike, the event offers an opportunity to engage a huge fan base as well as tapping into an important cultural moment.

Here’s a look at how some brands are aligning itself with the World Cup and leveraging it to connect with consumers.

  1. Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the World Cup, has launched its global campaign titled ‘Light up the FIFA World Cup’. Running in more than 50 countries, this integrated campaign marks the brand’s biggest ever global activation. Leveraging its exclusive partnership with ITV, its TV ad is served in a mix of 15, 30 and 90 second formats. Staying true to its heritage, the ad sees drones carrying Budweisers from its Missouri brewery to football fans across the globe.
    Additional activity is also being carried out with a number of offline experiences, including the release of its noise-activated red-light cups, and Bud Boat, offering the ultimate place to view matches cruising along the London River Thames. The campaign encapsulates the shared passion people have for football and is focused on uniting people across the world.
  1. Domino’s Pizza has launched an extension of its existing campaign with the brand positioning itself as ‘the official food of not going to international football tournaments’. Jimmy Bullard, known for his illustrious football career, has been cleverly selected to be the spokesperson for the campaign with the focus being a reflection on his failure to ever play in an international tournament. The pizza delivery brand has also helped to extend the reach of the campaign with its partnership with Sport Bible, a Facebook community of over 10 million fans, which has been activated across social media channels as well as through CRM.
  1. Paddy Power has been consistent in its tongue-and-cheek approach to its marketing strategy for the World Cup this year. As part of its efforts, the betting company has utilised a reactive marketing strategy by responding to one of the key talking points of the tournament so far by creating a TV advert based on VAR. Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has been introduced this year and is a relatively controversial issue considering it is still in its trial period. Paddy Power has leveraged this by joining the conversation to ensure it remains in people’s minds when it comes to betting on the matches.

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