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Buy Your Next Car From Autotweeter

As a hardened tweeter I like nothing more than doing a bit of twitter spying in my area and seeing what my neighbours are tweeting about. If you have never done this, I heartily recommend it.

Whilst nosing around my local tweeters I started to find what appeared to be cars for sale on twitter, which is nothing new as I did announce it on twitter that I was selling a rather tired and beaten Renault Laguna. On further investigation I found that there were numerous cars showing up for sale in my local search and they had all came from Autotrader. It appears that they are adding all the cars advertised on their site onto a twitter feed; they have even categorised their feeds.

Check out the twitter feed: http://twitter.com/autotrader_cars

There are moments in my career when I see something that impresses me and I get a tiny bit jealous that I did not think of that; this was certainly one of those moments. This is a great use of Twitter as a digital marketing tool. I feel it adds a great deal to a brand that at times has been criticised for its dated approach to digital marketing.

Getting the most out of Twitter is quite tough and for some brands it can take a lot hard work to see small results. Autotrader has stumbled onto a great idea and they are working it to great effect. My only fear with this technique is that Autotrader has opened the floodgates to all the car dealers of the world. Meaning my twitter local activities will be swamped with used car postings and car dealers advertising their wares. Guess I need to get a more constructive hobby.