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Lights, camera, action…

Here at HROC, the videography department is what we like to think of as a Moseley based Hollywood – with cameras, props and animation always on the go.

Take a sneak peek into some of our most recent projects:

Kubota Air Ambulance

Tractor and ground care manufacturer, Kubota, tasked us with creating an information video to raise awareness of its upcoming fundraiser for 20 air ambulance charities across the UK.

As a high proportion of rescue missions are construction and agricultural related, Kubota has set itself the target of raising £250,000 for the cause.

Video was suggested as a great way to demonstrate the value of these life saving services and how to donate. Our team got to work outlining how after-effects could be combined with animated text, titles, logos and stock footage to create an interesting as well as informative video.

Check out the final result on the Kubota YouTube video below:


Uponor product launch

Plumbing and indoor climate system producer, Uponor, was hosting a product launch event at London’s Churchill War Rooms for its latest system, Smatrix.

As the product is an ‘intelligent’ system and the launch event was taking place in London, home of MI5, we decided upon a James Bond theme with the slogan ‘Built-in British Intelligence.’

The brief: create an engaging and interesting opening video for the beginning of the event.

To continue the 007 theme, we created a video comprising after-effects and animation alongside a montage of clips from an array of Bond films.

The final result: a fun, informative and exciting opening video that perfectly set the tone of the evening for having your Martini shaken – not stirred.

Click play below to watch the Uponor Smatrix launch video:


Act Now guide to buying CO alarms

Smoke, carbon monoxide and heat alarm manufacturer, Sprue, launched a nationwide campaign, ‘Act Now’, in line with new legislation that came into place on 1st October.

The campaign aims to inform landlords of the changes in legislation that require all rental properties to have a smoke alarm on all floors and carbon monoxide alarms where a fuel-burning appliance is present.

To help raise awareness of ‘Act Now’ and give advice to landlords, we created a series of videos around different elements of the campaign.

One of the videos produced aimed at helping landlords decide upon which smoke and carbon monoxide alarms would be best for their properties. The video addressed the importance of positioning and identified the types of alarms that would offer best protection. The team decided that a direct address to camera would create more impact and this was used for the majority of the video, supported by intermittent bursts of animation to keep the audience engaged.

You can see our Act Now guide to buying Smoke, Heat and CO Alarms below:

So there you have it, a quick insight into what three days are like in the videography department of HROC.