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“Tinder go home, you’re drunk”: Best and worst PR examples

From Tinder tragedies to Aussie achievements, we take a look at the best and worst examples of PR to hit the internet over the past week.

Oh dear Tinder, you’re in trouble

This week Tinder demonstrated how not to manage negative PR online.

Tinder released a 31 tweet rampage against Vanity Fair’s latest article assessing the corrosive effects hook-apps have on dating. The tweets criticised both Vanity Fair and the journalist of the article, tweeting:

“If you want to try to tear us down with one-sided journalism, well, that’s your prerogative.”

The world’s reaction to Tinders unprofessional performance? “Go home Tinder, you’re drunk.”

Hundreds of PR experts and social media users condemned the tweeting spree, voicing online that it appeared as though the tirade was a drunken, angry backlash by a disgruntled employee. Online reactions were embarrassed for Tinder, saying the company’s actions resembled a petulant child that was throwing its toys out of the pram.

Lessons to learn from this? Companies shouldn’t take straight to social media to voice their anger or opinions. Once something is on social media, you can’t take it back!

Ever used a urinal named Bob?

Social media is the primary tool for brands or businesses to connect with their customers. But a small town, rural pub in the outback of Australia managed to take this to the extreme and utilised social media to raise over $32,000 in just five weeks!

“Bugs” Ryan, owner of the Tatura Pub in regional Victoria, Australia, creatively used social media to create a crowd funding project for the renovation of his relatively unknown pub. Through a serious of creative and funny videos, Ryan invited the public to donate their funds to the renovation of the pub, and in return, Ryan would name parts of the pub in their honor. From urinals, chicken dinners and pool cues, audiences could have any item within the pub named after them for giving a small donation.

The campaign captured the internet’s interest, demonstrating how a unique and humorous idea can go viral in minutes. Ryan has vowed to send a selfie of himself with every item to each person who has donated, before the renovation project begins. Not only has he raised all the money needed for his renovation, Ryan’s pub has gone from being an unknown to an internet sensation in just over a month, all through the power of social media thanks to an interesting and unique idea.

So what have these examples shown over the past week? Think about the impact of your online PR strategy – even one tweet can make you a roaring success or the butt of all the virtual jokes!