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A success story for #SleeptimeSecrets

With Facebook now boasting an astonishing 1.59 billion active users per month, more than Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram combined, the social media platform continues to be a key stage on which brands can present themselves to consumers.

To coincide with the launch of baby brand Chicco’s new accessories range for the award winning Next2Me crib, HROC was tasked with creating a Facebook campaign that would generate discussion and excitement. Chicco’s page audience is one that is willing to engage so finding a topic that resonated would be key.

One of Chicco’s unique brand qualities is its ability to provide solutions for everything a baby will need from birth, so HROC tapped into one of the areas new mums seek advice on – how do you get your baby to sleep?

The #SleeptimeSecrets Facebook campaign was born and mums were asked to share their sleeptime tips on everything from getting your baby to sleep through the night to how to create a peaceful sleeping environment for your little one.

Mums were rewarded with a variety of Chicco sleeptime goodies and the best tips were included in a special #SleeptimeSecrets video, which was shared across Chicco’s own social channels and issued to the parenting press.

The response was overwhelming with over 1600 entries received, achieving a reach of over 160,000. Furthermore the campaign helped to generate over 11,000 new likes over the course of the month, an impressive 36% increase in just one month.

The feedback from fans was incredibly positive, with many commenting on how not only Next2Me but also other Chicco products had been invaluable in their bedtime routine. Parents also also engaged with other fan’s posts to share their tips and advice, creating a vibrant community forum, which also positioned Next2Me as a valuable sleep and bonding aid.

With our Facebook newsfeeds becoming saturated with brands telling us how we can buy, win or try every new product on the market, the success of #SleeptimeSecrets highlights the benefit of running campaigns which tap into a topic that really resonates with a brand’s audience. This strategy complemented by a simple entry process will pay dividends when you are trying to grab the attention of eyes that are constantly swiping down their screen.

For more information on how you can make your brand stand out from Facebook newsfeeds, get in touch with the HROC PR team.