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Cutting edge video for Först

From the moment Först first tasked us to launch their online video presence, our in house video team has been busy putting together a schedule that encompasses a mix of product videos, case studies and event highlights in order to showcase what Först is all about.

At the Redwood Global (Först) event, where the company announced its partnership with Orange Plant, we produced an event highlights video showcasing snippets of activities during the day, including interviews with key members from the companies, keynote speeches and product demonstrations.

The following week, we were at the ARB Show where Först was showcasing its entire range of woodchippers. While the Redwood Global event mainly appeals to people in the tree care industry and affords an insight to how the business is growing, a key benefit of filming a public event such as ARB is that it provides an opportunity for the company to address customers about new products and initiatives.

Case studies are another proven way of conveying product messages to customers, so the team at HROC travelled to Merrist Wood College in order to produce a video that demonstrated the wood chippers in action. We filmed interviews with the college staff and students to shed light on why they chose Först and what differentiates the company from the competition.

With video, the challenge is make content that engages with and appeals to the target audience. Our videography team has an eye for ensuring every shot is aesthetically pleasing and of the highest professional standard. In post-production, the team spends a vast amount of time on colour grading to make sure the images really stand out and do the products justice.

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