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Daft Punk Breaks New Digital Records

After being absent from the music industry for eight years, Daft Punk have stormed their way back into the market with their new single “Get Lucky”. The track features vocals from Pharrell Williams and a soulful 70’s feel. Whilst its popularity is primarily due to the sound of the track, it is not it’s content that has been making headlines recently, but the type of record that it has broken.

On Friday May 19th Get Lucky broke the record for the most streamed song in one day on Spotify. The track hosting programme, which allows users to create playlists and listen to them an unlimited amount of times, for a small fee, has proven to be an ever increasingly popular platform for artists to host material and spread their name. Any artists questioning the correlation between Spotify and sales, need only look as far as Daft Punk. After only being available for a matter of days, the single is already at number three in the UK Singles Charts. Whilst these charts are purely based on sales and don’t currently take into account streaming figures, the broken record and subsequent chart positioning point towards a growing trend of digital music consumption and one that may well be here to stay.