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Days in the life of HROC PR in Poland

We work with many international clients here at HROC. One, fittings and valves manufacturer Conex Bänninger, is currently celebrating 25 years of manufacturing in Poland, where its products are also distributed around the world.

Two members of the HROC PR and Video teams went to Poznan to film the company’s world-class facilities for two separate corporate videos highlighting the quality of Conex Bänninger operational capabilities.

HROC PR Account Manager, Tom Bradshaw-Smith, talks through the two days on location in Western Poland.

Day 1:

The site for the first day of filming was Conex Banninger’s manufacturing HQ in the industrial district of Poznan,.

After shooting drone footage of the factory and the stock holding facility outside, we filmed the manufacturing process for Conex Bänninger’s fittings, from the factory foundry where molten metal is cast and shaped into the required plumbing fitting measurements, right through to where it’s refined, cleaned and packed to be shipped to the nearby distribution centre. It was a slick, skilled and highly impressive operation and, after a solid six hours’ shooting, we’d captured everything we needed.

Day 2:

The next morning saw us heading to Conex Bänninger’s distribution centre just a few kilometres out of Poznan in nearby Sady.

The structure is vast, some 12,000 square metres and employing a further 150 personnel. We filmed huge shipments of deliveries coming into the facility, as well as the goods being shifted by a large fleet of electronically powered forklift trucks and dispatched to locations as far as North America, the Middle East and Australasia.

Another six-hour day and we were off, back to Luton, confident we had caught on film the very heartbeat of the Conex Bänninger business in action.

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