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Digital Marketeer | SEOer | SEO Strategist: Is your head spinning?

A man walks into a bar, gets into a conversation with the barman and the theme turns to occupations. Barman explains his bar work is part-time and he is a plumber by trade. Easy.

Barman asks man what he does for a living. After 45 minutes and unsuccessful explanations of SEO, SEM, digital marketing, Google dancing and sometimes slapping, captcha circumnavigating and analytics analysis, Barman makes a deal with himself to never ask a customer what they do for a living again and man decides to nail down a job description for himself that can be explained simply.

Easier said than done.

So how do you explain Search Engine Optimisation? The difficulty with answering this question is in the fact there is nothing physical to proffer to the poor unsuspecting member of the public who asked you the question. “Can I see it?” “No, well, sometimes”, “How do you do it?” “Erm, well it depends”, “Can anyone do it?” “Most definitely not!”

Put simply, it’s a means of promoting your product or brand through the internet by getting more visibility on search engines. The higher up the page your site appears on search results pages, the more visitors it will receive which will (hopefully) result in more sales/interest/visibility/awareness. The list of how this is achieved is endless – unpaid or paid listings, website optimisation, article writing, blogging, social networking and many, many more. Keywords relating to your business or product can be targeted specifically to get them ranking higher and in certain areas (paid searches) campaigns can be accurately tracked to measure their success – a lot more accurately than other advertising mediums. It is a dark and secretive art, full of tricks and loopholes that no Search Engine Optimiser worth his salt would divulge.

When it comes to the crunch, it does exist, we can’t explain it fully or give it a simple name and the parameters in which it works are constantly changing. But when done effectively, the rewards for a well ranked website can be massive.