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Do Brands Really Need To Be On Twitter?

Twitter is a powerful social platform allowing businesses, celebrities, and everyday folk to converse and share ideas. With a potentially worldwide audience, a lot of businesses have positioned themselves on the site and are marketing themselves very well. I’m sure you’ve been exposed to a shared image of a brand making a creative meme, joking to other companies or sometimes even a blunder that made the news. As well as that you might have managed to get a quick response from an angry tweet after your product wasn’t all it seemed. With Twitter at the height of its power, we ask whether they really need to be on Twitter or whether your company needs to create a profile.

When Twitter has a multitude of uses from a marketing perspective it’s key to remember that not all of them result in positive business. Here we will review the reasons for and against your brand being on Twitter.

The Pros and Cons of Running a Twitter Campaign

How Much Time Do You Have?

Creating an engaging and valuable social media campaign not only takes time in a day but also a firm understanding of the medium. Twitter is a crowded environment and standing out from the competitors as well as the millions of users is difficult so you’ll need a strong social media strategy, plenty of time per week as well as the ability to write clear powerful content. While you can schedule posts to optimise your use of time, the preparation will take a significant piece of your working hours. Plus the nature of Twitter requires businesses to be sharp on news related stories or replying to customers when engagement within the hour is often expected. If you manage to tweet the right things regularly you could be seeing significant increases to your site visits and potentially even more leads.

If you’re a small business, you’ll want to ask yourself how much time you have to commit to Twitter in order to see the benefits of your work. Your social media campaigns may be spread out across amongst a few platforms and if you don’t have a dedicated manager or team for this purpose, you may see diminishing returns. If you want to put your efforts into Twitter, it’s recommended to have a large committed team or to outsource your time elsewhere. If you do this, then the results can be amazing for your brand awareness, leads and customer relations. 

Are You Choosing The Right Platform?

With the plethora of social media platforms, it might be difficult choosing the correct one to post on. This will be the case if you’re limited by time or just unsure where to direct your efforts for the best results. Some are obvious, if you’re concentrating on visual marketing with high-quality photos then Instagram is the way forward. LinkedIn is the best for recruiting potential employees, looking for quality B2B insights or creating specific industry posts. After performing market research and reviewing your competitors, you might decide Twitter is of greater importance to your goals than other social networks and if this is the case you can then put all your efforts into this platform. 

Larger businesses or those with access to greater resources will be able to pick and choose their desired platforms with more ease however it is vital when you chose to run a social campaign, concentrate all your efforts in order to gain visibility.

Customer Service

One of the main draws of Twitter for businesses and other users is the great channels of customer service. Most often, businesses will have a manned social team who not only post but also look out for direct messages, mentions, hashtags, and trends that involve the brand. An issue with a product or service can be resolved much quicker via the social media platform than other means because the visibility of a happy customer or snappy response provides excellent brand awareness. This is especially true if a celebrity (potentially with more followers than your business) posts about your product and you can leave them feeling satisfied. 

Again, while dynamic customer service on social media is a benefit, the time and people power to dedicate your time to the cause. Many users are now accustomed to short-time responses, especially from big corporations with social teams, so any long delays may result in negative feelings. A classic email or phone system on a site might work better in this situation especially since you’re limited to a small number of characters when replying and may move the conversation to other mediums. Moving to Twitter can be a very positive decision to provide a personal touch for business customer/relations but only if the right resources are in place.

Can You Gain More Attention?

If you’re looking to market yourself on Twitter, engagements, clicks and gaining followers is key to your brand. If you’re a fairly large account with 10’s of thousands of followers, you’ll likely be happy with your brand following, looking to steadily increase your profile however without that base it’s difficult to succeed. With most businesses, longevity is the key with larger companies who gain followers over an extended period of time while small businesses with new accounts will have to slowly build upstanding. This process may take a considerable amount of time, especially if you have little brand awareness starting out however you may have some hidden opportunities close by. It may be the case when you’re starting out or struggling on Twitter than your employees have already a strong following on the platform. If this is the case, you can build a reliable amount of tweet views from staff sharing your posts with their followers. Social media experts can also find forums, groups, or interested parties who will often want to find more about your industry and can point you in the right direction. 


Overall we have looked at the many factors that attribute to seeing whether your brand should be on Twitter. Marketing yourself on the platform can have great results such as greater brand awareness, visits to your site, and even more leads. What we can say from these points is that any social media campaign, especially one on Twitter takes a significant amount of time, knowledge, and people power to make it work. This can be from content creation, uploading, customer service, or just daily maintenance. If you have a department to work competently manage these areas, you may well be continuing a profile that is already successful. If you’re looking to start or grow your account with successful marketing, you’ll need to invest in the right places.

If you’re looking to expand your digital marketing output including looking to build a social media or Twitter profile for your business needs, contact one of our friendly marketing experts at HROC today!