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Don’t be fooled by Facebook frauds

With so much content on everyone’s Facebook newsfeed nowadays, from adverts to your friend’s new baby pictures, it’s easy for users to mistake scams for genuine brand pages and promotions. Recently, a post was circulating claiming to offer hundreds of free flight tickets for users who entered via a link and it even contained Easyjet branding. However, the post was fraudulent and in no way associated with Easyjet – it was in fact leading users to a malware site used by scammers to steal personal information from people who clicked on it.

The post was shared so many times and gained so much popularity that Easyjet had to put a status update on its Facebook page asking users to ignore the scam and only visit the Easyjet official page for updates and competitions.

There are plenty of other examples of this kind of fraud, with Trunki, Primark and Argos also recently falling victim to Facebook scams. As a user, the trick is to look at whether the page looks official – it often might have a spelling mistake in the page name or even a character such as a full stop. What’s more, the page itself is usually full of competitions that are too good to be true! It also helps to take a closer look at the destination URL of these promotions – the Easyjet scam sent users to EasyJetlover.us, not the brand’s web page.

For brands, it’s important to ensure your pages can be clearly recognised as the official online presence. One great way to do that is to ensure that your company pages are verified. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer this for brands and, after an authentication check, place a blue tick next to the username to let followers know that they’re visiting the official page, giving your page credibility.

With competitions, it’s important to include Terms and Conditions with every promotion that you run. Not only does this protect your brand legally, but it will signal to fans that this is a legitimate promotion that they can trust.

In a world of scams and fake pages, companies need to earn social media users’ trust, so if you would like help with your social media strategy, including verifying your page and running promotions, give us a call on 0121 454 9707 or drop us an email at gary.hebblethwaite@hroc.co.uk