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Euro Crisis Part 2

Against a backdrop of continued economic misery, rising unemployment and some extremely unnerving goings on in Greece and France in the past week, William Hague managed to single handedly infuriate the vast majority of business owners by telling them to stop complaining about the economy and work harder.

Brilliant. We hadn’t thought of this ourselves, so thanks for pointing it out.

Yet another media relations disaster for the coalition which currently seems to be reeling from one PR mess to another on a daily basis. The response from the business community has, not surprisingly, been one of fury, with David Cameron now holding talks with business leaders at Number 10 in a bid to “address the potentially damaging divide between the private sector and Government.”

Meanwhile, in other news, Rebekah Brooks has been charged with conspiracy to prevent the course of justice, once again dragging David Cameron into the spotlight given his relationship with Brooks and of course his former communications advisor Andy Coulson – see our previous blog “when a spokesperson needs a spokesperson”.

All we need now is for Greece to leave the Euro and the mess will be complete for this week. But hey, let’s not make a Drachma out of a crisis.