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From Zero to Vero

Vero – it’s the social network that everyone is talking about, but what exactly is it and should brands be looking at turning their efforts away from Instagram and into this new platform?

A few weeks ago, if you had mentioned the name Vero in the HROC offices, you’d have been met with some confused looks, but the app now has over one million users, with 500,000 of these joining in the past month. Its newfound popularity meant that it has jumped from 99 to number one in Apple’s UK app store, no small feat!

If you’re as confused as we were, Vero is a social platform for users to share photos, links and recommend books and music, which the Evening Standard labeled as “trying to be Instagram, Facebook and Spotify rolled into one.” It allows you to categorise your friends as one of three levels (close friends, friends and acquaintances) and choose which category to share your posts with (a feature that Instagram is lacking and is quite hidden in Facebook). It also originated, reportedly, because the founder became frustrated with how many adverts appear on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

People are being quite vocal about Instagram’s current downfalls, which are mainly the lack of a chronological newsfeed and an overload of adverts. So should Mark Zuckerberg be worried?

The recent surge in popularity seems to have come from the company’s promise that if you’re one of the first one million users, you won’t need to pay for its upcoming subscription model. So there’s the catch! If the platform will become an inevitable subscription model, it’s doubtful that Mr. Zuckerberg will be losing any sleep over it – even with all the whining and grumbling, it would need to offer something really unique for users to part with their hard earned cash for what is essentially ‘Instagram without the adverts’. Plus, Facebook and Instagram are very good at adapting their business models if they feel under threat, so it could very well be that we soon see the option to return the newsfeed back to chronological as Vero continues to gain popularity.

It’s too early to tell how brands could use Vero in the future, but the platform has a big challenge ahead in the meantime in maintaining its newfound popularity and continuing to lure people away from alternative social networks. As with any rising social network, we’ll be watching Vero closely to monitor who is using it and how to determine if it’s a suitable place for any of our clients to use to target their key audience.

Have you joined Vero yet? What do you think of it – is it all hype or is it here to stay?

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