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AdWords Update Announcement

The Google Performance Summit took place yesterday (24th May 2016) and Sridhar Ramaswamy (Senior VP of Ads & Commerce) and Jerry Dischler (VP of Product Management, Adwords) from Google announced that major AdWords updates are on the horizon. These included:

  • Responsive Ads for Display
  • Expanded Text Ads
  • Local Search Ads for Google.com and Google Maps
  • Individual Bid Adjustments for Device Types

Responsive Ads for Display

Advertisers will no longer need to worry about the designs of their display ads as they will become responsive and adapt to the content on the website in which they appear on. Advertisers will only be required to supply an image, description, headline and URL.

AdWords Expanded Text Ads

The ad text limits in place have always made advertising on AdWords that little bit restricted, however this is all going to change for the better. Google has promised more prominent headlines longer and longer description line.

Text Ad’s will no longer be restricted to one 25 character headline and two 35 character lines, instead there will be two 30 character headlines and one consolidated 80 character description line, that’s an extra 45 characters! These expanded text ads will be available later on this year.

Local Search Ads for Google.com & Google Maps

Google stated that almost a third of mobiles searches have local intent. The new local search ads for Google maps and Google.com provide advertisers, using location extensions, more real estate on specific searches in that location. In addition, searchers will be able to view special offers as well as view/browse the available inventory right from the Google Maps ad.

Individual Bid Adjustments for Device Types

Bid Adjustments have always been an imperative tool. Advertisers are currently able to adjust bids on mobile by a specified percentage compared to desktop. Google has now taken this one step further allowing advertisers to adjust by device type, giving them the opportunity to bid more or less for desktop, mobile and tablets. The range for adjustment has also been increased allowing up to a 900% variation.

These updates give the advertiser more opportunity to engage and convert the searcher to their website.

Full announcement can be watched here.

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