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Google Glass Gets Closer To Release

April saw was an exciting month for Google and teckies the world over as the internet giant released the specifications for its new Google Glass. With a sleek wire frame that attaches to the wearer’s head, and a semi-transparent element that fits over the right eye, Google is taking gadgets to a new level (geek swoon).

The company claims that the new “Glass” will not only be equipped with retina controlled internet access and the ability to capture movement on a camera (video or still), but will also be voice activated. This will give the user the ability to send messages hands free with the blink of an eye.

Critics have questioned the look of the Glass however, and have raised the issue of fashion and the likelihood of members of the public wanting to wear something with such ‘bad design’.

There are also safety issues that spring to mind. Even while inactive, Google Glass still displays the time within the wearer’s eye-line and the potential for items to pop into view unexpectedly could prove disastrous. Also, with the ever increasing list of activities that drivers are prohibited from undertaking (and rightly so), surely this offers a new and ,some would argue, more prevalent threat to road safety?

It is without a doubt that Google has gone the extra mile in the design and implementation of Glass, however with a $1,500 price tag, the experience may be only available to a select few who can afford it.  There are also restrictions within the terms and conditions of ownership that currently stop owners from selling or passing on their glasses to anyone else, so getting a second hand Glass may not be an option either…for the time being.

With rumours rife regarding an iWatch, 2013 could prove a pivotal year for the future of technology, as it moves in the direction of wear-able items. The question is – how accepting will the public be of such technology which will almost certainly further incense those who oppose what they consider to be already a Big Brother state of living.