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Google+ Number Two Social Networking Site

Google+ has become the world’s second largest social networking site, outranking both YouTube and Twitter who are positioned third and fourth respectively. However, all three are way behind Facebook, who enjoy patronage from more than 51% of the world’s online population, according to a new survey.

Trendstream’s Global Web Index for the final quarter of 2012 has estimated that Facebook had 693 million active users whilst Google+ came a distant second with 343 million. Trendstream also tracked YouTube as a social network, which came in at number three, followed by Twitter who had 288 million active users.

Google+ User Graph

Graph Courtesy of PCWorld.com

The index doesn’t count the total number of users, but the active users on a month to month basis. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said they have 1 billion active users a month.

Although Google+ was listed as the second largest social networking site, many detractors label it a ghost town, with little interaction between its users. Brett Petersen, Consulting Director of GlobalWebIndex, commented: “I think that Google+ is working particularly hard to address this, and the Google+ contribution is becoming increasingly important as Google ties search, along with all of their other services, together with Google+ being the glue that binds them all.”

The success that Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter enjoy has had a side effect, the survey revealed. Local social network sites in various countries have seen a drop in usage, particularly in China. In some cases up to 57 per cent. This has been due to market saturation as more informal social media platforms such as blogs and forums are being taken up as privacy is easier to maintain from growing government clampdowns.

Google+ Usage Graph

Graph Courtesy of PCWorld.com