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Google Panda 2015 update – here’s what happened

You may remember my blog post from just over 3 months ago “Is your site ready for the 2015 Google Panda Update?” where I highlighted the impending (and confirmed) Google Panda algorithm update.

The fact that Gary Illyes from Google had confirmed that the update would happen “within 4 weeks” and this was then backed up by Google’s John Mueller, got the search marketing industry experts’ knickers in a twist. It’s rare for Google to announce an upcoming update, and the previous Panda updates had devastating repercussions for many companies. Some instantly went out of business as they saw their traffic disappear overnight.

Google Panda 2015 – What happened?

So what actually happened when the 2015 Panda reared its head? Ready for this? Brace yourselves…. Erm, nothing! Nothing happened. The 4 week deadline came and went, as did several months afterwards, and as I write, nobody has a confirmed sighting of the 2015 black and white beast. Very odd indeed.

There has even been SEO industry chatter that Panda did get released on schedule, but was such a massive failure that Google instantly reversed it, before trudging off to the drawing board.

Then, in a (probably) face-saving announcement, Google stated that Panda 2015 (or Panda 4.2 to properly name it) had been released, but was such a behemoth that it would take months to fully roll-out, and for it to have an effect on the SERPS. The Moz Google Algorithm Update calendar backs this up. Click here to see the algo timeline.

I don’t think there is any doubt that when it eventually hits, it will have repercussions for many websites, both positive and negative. If you were hit by earlier Pandas and have cleaned up your website, then you are likely to see a nice boost in your organic rankings and traffic. If your website isn’t up to scratch in Google’s eyes though, you could be out of business overnight. One thing is certain though – it will hit at some stage in the short to medium term.

There are many different elements that can result in a Panda hit or miss. If you are unsure of the site changes you should be making, or have been hit in the past, then get in touch.