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High-Speed Broadband Cash for UK Cities

The government has revealed how they will divide the money they have promised to ten United Kingdom cities that will be used to provide superfast broadband networks.

The nation’s capital will get the lion’s share of the £114 million budget with £25 million, whilst Leeds and Bradford are second in line dividing £14.4 million between themselves.

The cash injections will be used to establish city-wide broadband networks, which will offer households and businesses internet speeds of up to 100Mbps (megabits per second).

The government’s goal is to establish the UK as Europe’s fastest internet provider by 2015.

An extra £50 million will be divided between ten smaller cities.

Broadband Red Tape to be Cut

The new culture secretary Maria Miller last week promised to cut the red tape that hinders broadband rollouts.

The minister is hopeful that the city-wide networks will be created very soon.

“These 10 cities have produced ambitious and comprehensive plans, which will turn them into digital leaders, and give their local economies a real boost,” she told media.

“The new investment will help put these cities at the centre of the digital stage, competing for jobs and investment with the best in the world,” she continued.

Each city will be expected to invest some of its own money alongside the government funds towards the broadband projects.

It is expected that the ten cities will be able to offer high-speed broadband access with speeds between 80 and 100 megabits per second to around 230,000 residential and 55,000 business properties as well as providing a high-speed wireless service to even more.

The completion date for the networks is 2015.