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HROC is celebrating after picking up its second Golden Chip award of the year after winning gold in The Drum’s Fauxlympics competition.

The Drum magazine invited the best creative talent in the industry to come up with a host of advertisements that challenged the boundaries of Olympic advertising.

The competition had four categories: The Sprint (Guerrilla ads that would be taken down faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 metres), The Long Shot (Ads which probably should be allowed to run, but probably won’t), The Hurdles (Ads which manage to get around the advertising rules) and The High Jump (Funny ads which break all the rules).

Entries to each of the categories were uploaded to The Drum website and voting took place on its Facebook page with the highest rated ads being shortlisted for each category. The shortlisted entries were judged by Chip Shop Award’s Chairman John Jessop with the top three winning Bronze, Silver or Gold.

HROC’s entry was awarded the gold in the Long Shot category and went on to be crowned the Golden Chip.

Chris Marshall, Senior Designer at HROC and creator of the winning advertisement, commented: “To win our category was an achievement in itself but to be awarded the Golden Chip is a real honour.

“The entry was a team effort and shows how much talent there is at HROC and what can happen when you push creative boundaries.”

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