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IGTV: Instagram’s new app and how brands can use it

First Instagram took on Snapchat by introducing Instagram Stories, and now the brand is taking on the mighty YouTube with the launch of IGTV. With Instagram recently achieving a global community of one billion users, the newest app is sure to gain lots of popularity, but what really is IGTV?

IGTV allows users to share videos up to an hour long and is available both within the Instagram app and within its own individual app available for download. Users can watch suggested videos for them, videos from the people they follow, popular trending videos and continue watching videos they have started. There is a huge range of videos available for people to watch – from watching dogs do party tricks, to the latest fitness tutorial, there is something for everyone. There is a heavy focus on the new vertical video format of the new app, with Instagram saying it has been built for how people actually use their phones.

Instagram has made the IGTV process simple. When the app is opened, the videos automatically begin to play, just like a normal TV. This makes it simple for anyone and everyone to use. Users are also able to send videos to their friends, encouraging further engagement with both IGTV and the videos available on the app.

Since launching in June, the app is already proving to be a success. Brands like Netflix and Nike have already embraced the new platform by regularly sharing new and exciting videos through IGTV. Netflix even posted an hour long video of Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse eating a burger in honour of the new feature, attracting nearly one million views. Bloggers are of course also making use of this latest app, as it provides another place where they can share their videos and boost their online status.

IGTV isn’t just a blogger’s dream, but something that businesses can benefit from. A whole new place for both new and old content to be shared, brands can use IGTV to interact with customers. It can be used in a variety of ways, from announcing and launching a new product to showcasing previous work. By sharing content through IGTV, brands are also able to make use of features such as adding links and creating easy access to their website by swiping up on videos, encouraging customers to find out more.

Although IGTV currently doesn’t show advertisements, there is a high chance that it will in the future. In the meantime, grasping the opportunity to make use of the new app is a great idea for businesses, considering everyone is intrigued by and curious about any new feature, and that more and more people are exploring the new content that IGTV offers!

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