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Instagram – the ‘millennial dollar’ platform

Grids goals, stories, Clarendon and Boomerangs, if these words are part of your daily vocabulary then chances are you’re a millennial. So when it comes to purchasing products it’s no surprise that Instagram is now the biggest influencer for this generation.

While Snapchat is growing in popularity amongst Generation Z, Instagram remains the top social media platform of choice for 25 – 35 year olds. It’s no longer simply seen as a photo sharing website but now shapes people’s lifestyles, presenting an ideology of the perfect body, the dream date or a luxury holiday.

food-2203732A recent study has found that value for money, weather or the culture isn’t necessarily the biggest draw anymore for millennials when booking their holiday. Instead a surprising 40 per cent now choose a travel destination based on its Instagram value!

Rather than flicking through a holiday brochure or checking Trip Advisor reviews, people are now opting to check a hotel’s Instagram page, use geotags of the resort or search the hashtag to decide where to take their annual break.

It’s not just holiday destinations that are influencing the younger generation, it’s also shaping their eating habits too. You can’t avoid an avocado in a trendy restaurant and sales of tenderstem broccoli rocketed by 25 per cent thanks to fitness coach, Joe Wicks, coining the phrase ‘midget trees’.

Classic chain restaurants such as TGIs have reported that they are seeing a downturn in profits with younger diners preferring to visit independent eateries to get the best shot of their colourful acai bowl or sugar laden ‘freakshake’. Lunchtime offerings are also high on the Instagram agenda with more people favouring to take a ‘superfood’ lunchbox to work, and an additional £39 million being spent on upmarket ingredients in the past year.

It’s something brands have become all too aware of and Instagram shouldn’t be underestimated as a powerful influencing tool, especially if your key audience sits between the ages of 20 – 40.

It can no longer be seen as a trend but rather a further arm of your e-commerce strategy and there are simple measures that can be taken to ensure social media has a real influence. For instance, working with influencers is key and recent research has found that a whopping 92% of consumers are more inclined to trust a blogger. Also, the use of Instagram stories is gaining traction and buyers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video over a static post. That, coupled with the ability to track engagement and conversion rates through social media, means you can achieve tangible and measureable results.

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