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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

But which brand is doing it best?

It’s that time of year once again where brands battle it out to take the crown of Christmas, this year launching earlier than ever to win the coveted title. Whether it’s pulling at your heartstrings, drawing on old festive traditions or simply going for the direct sell, the commercial crusaders have got it covered.



 With 12,294,679 YouTube views in just one week and almost 80,000 hashtag mentions in the first 24 hours of its launch, unsurprisingly, leading the race again this year is the Christmas marketing pioneers at John Lewis.

Moving away from the winter woodland rabbits, bears and penguins that have previously been the stars of the show, the marketing campaign focuses upon the human element, with the story of Lily and an elderly man on the moon.

In collaboration with Age UK, the advertisement raises awareness of the elderly spending Christmas alone this year, appealing to the audience’s emotional sensibilities, especially during the festive period.


The competition

Marks and Spencer’s #TheArtOfChristmas campaign was left in second place with 1,789,314 views in 5 days, with Burberry’s ‘Celebrating 15 years of Billy Elliot’ campaign in third place with 1,296,634 views in 9 days.

Both Marks and Spencer’s and Burberry’s highly glamorised, celebrity laden campaigns use their products as the narrative for their stories, demonstrating every tartan scarf, teddy and turkey needed to have the best Christmas possible.

In Burberry’s campaign, Sir Elton John, Brooklyn Beckham and Naomi Campbell showcase personalised Burberry scarves as they jump through a glitter filled air.

Whilst the extravagant M&S spectacle gives us tantalising glimpses of everything that everyone needs this Christmas to make it the best (with mid-day naps included).


Why has #ManontheMoon come out on top?

As a result of the John Lewis campaign, online audiences have taken to social media, offering up their homes during the Christmas period for anyone who might have to face the day alone. The digital campaign has highlighted a nationwide issue to which audiences have quickly responded.

John Lewis’ #TheManOntheMoon campaign demonstrates that tugging at the audience’s heart strings may perhaps be the best way to loosen their purse strings, too.