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Keeping Clients Happy

In the highly competitive field of creative services, it takes more than just great design to totally meet all of your client’s needs. Although great design is always the aim, going that extra mile is something that should be integral to every successful agency. At the end of the day, clients and designers only want the same thing: to produce great work that delivers the right results and an excellent return on investment. Here are some ways to make that happen, ensuring you keep all parties involved happy during the process…

Listen. Really listen.

Listening intently to a client and asking the right questions can save a lot of time in the long run. Listening is a hard skill and something you have to work at constantly but according to world-renowned graphic designer, Michael Bierut, it’s a skill well worth having and one that helps build long lasting relationships with your clients.

Communicate clearly

Be straight with a client from the get go. Being clear about the time scale and nature of your design process gives your client a clear idea of what to expect. Problems can arise when a client feels as if they are being kept in the dark about how a project is progressing or whether or not it’s going to be delivered on time. Adopting a transparent approach right from the very outset will always earn the trust and respect of your client.

Be empathic

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Think about the times when you yourself were a client. Being completely reliant on someone else’s expertise isn’t easy. Try to appreciate how difficult it is for a client to relinquish control over even the smallest things. As professional designers, it’s absolutely incumbent on us to put clients at ease and make them feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

This fresh approach to design and client relationships is how HROC has managed to stay at the forefront of advertising and design for so many years.

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