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Kiss of Life

‘It’s all about cycles’ some global warming denier said to me once.

Every few months my brain seems to go through some kind of creative aneurysm and requires an urgent, metaphorical ‘kiss of life’. Is this frequent inspiration bypass a common affliction or is it just my own?

I guess looking for new inspiration is part of any designer’s daily routine, whether that is out and about stumbling upon it by accident, searching the web, magazines or that pitch work you did way back when.

Finding that kick-start is an exciting journey of discovery and something which is absolutely vital for me here at HROC.

Tickling my creative bones at the moment is the work of a UK born illustrator/designer/3d artist, Baz Pringle. His website of personal work on www.g66.co.uk is a collection of vector based, illustrative graphic art. Some of his pieces are shown above.

Now I’m not the greatest fan of social networking sites, but they have their uses. It was on My Space that I first encountered his work.

His urban style, using complex, graphic elements and layers to build up his images definitely grabs to me and certainly inspires.  I love the way he uses parts of other illustrations, photography or typefaces to form other constructs within the piece.

More importantly it is the intuitive feel of the work; sometimes you don’t know why you like it, you just do. Designing using your intuition should play a big part in your work and it certainly does for me. It’s the subconscious; it’s the instinctive thought that drives your creative inspiration.

“The fundamental skill of a designer is talent. Talent is a rare commodity. It’s all intuition and you can’t teach intuition” – Paul Rand 1996.

Roll on the next pitch I say!!

There is countless inspirational material out there, but just a few of the ones I use are listed here:

www.g66.co.uk (Featured. Check this out!!)

www.computerarts.co.uk (Magazine or website)