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Lessons learnt from my time in PR

I am currently on a one year paid placement at HROC and have to say I am loving it. The aspect that has struck me the most during my time here at HROC thus far, is the sheer diversity of clients the agency services. Here was an opportunity to immerse myself in totally foreign domains, from the likes of agriculture and construction to baby care and home safety products.

Through this exposure, I have gone far beyond a superficial understanding of each of my clients and their products, delving into the nitty-gritty mechanics of their operations. Four months ago, I had never even heard of the MSA 120 B-Q chainsaw let alone be able to describe its functions and demonstrate it practically with confidence.

My internship with HROC marks my first experience of full-time employment; one firmly aligned with fulfilling my aspiration to pursue a career in marketing. It’s safe to say I was nothing short of a bag of nerves on my first day and by the end of week one, I felt my brain was fried with the amount of information I had absorbed. Luckily any real apprehensions I had were quickly put into perspective when I learned it wasn’t a weakness to ask for help. Here at HROC, the educational value of an internship cannot be underestimated. We all fall foul of errors from time-to-time, but with each mistake comes a valuable lesson.

Even though I have not been here long, I can see that HROC encourages values and respects the contribution of all. Its integrated environment is a key contributor to its success, further complemented by the tight-knit dynamics of its employees. You might think that learning 60+ names seems a bit daunting, but by the end of my first week, I had learnt them all – a real success for me as my memory’s normally terrible.

It’s difficult for me to describe a typical day in the office because realistically I don’t think there is such a thing. Each day brings a new task, whether it be writing a case study or press release, pitching stories to the media or attending creative brainstorms, to name a few. One of the biggest surprises to me so far is that my role does not just see me working solely from the office, with invitations to not only attend but also participate in events based in and around London.

Sure, I work to a schedule, but I’ve since learnt to adapt as this is by no means fixed. My workload can be challenging but its variety always keeps it interesting. Honestly, prior to beginning my internship I hadn’t fully appreciated the importance of time management and ensuring that my workload was governed by realistic expectations. Of course, all time is money, but efficiency doesn’t ask you to compromise on quality.

I can only hope that, as my internship progresses, I will continue to enjoy an ever-greater degree of not only professional but also personal growth.

In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts” and I look forward to the wealth of experiences and opportunities that awaits me.