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Let music be the food of… advertising

You’d have to have been abroad or in prison for the last couple of months not to have seen the BT Vision trailers on TV, featuring the song ‘Windmills of Your Mind’. I know I’m old but what a great song. Originally sung by Noel Harrison and used as the theme to the Thomas Crown Affair movie. It’s been in my iTunes for as long as I can remember.

How many songs must there have been that have become ‘hits’ as a result of being featured in TV ads? And, how many TV ads have been made successful not least as a result of using a great song?

In a ‘High Fidelity’ kind of way, here’s my top 10 songs in TV ads [although there must be hundreds I’ve forgotten about]…

1] Spaceman – Babylon Zoo [Levi Jeans]
2] Feeling the Love – Reactor [Lynx Deodorant]
3] Inside – Stiltskin [Levi Jeans]
4] The Universal – Blur [British Gas]
5] More than a feeling – Boston [Barclaycard]
6] Jerk it out – Caesars [Apple iPod Shuffle]
7] Wicked Game – Chris Isaak – Jaguar X-Type
8] Unbelievable – EMF [Muller]
9] Main Offender – The Hives [Agent Provocateur]
10] Jump Around – House of Pain [Caffreys]

And no, I didn’t forget about ‘Heard it through the Grapevine’, but I’ve already got two Levi ads in my top 10.