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Like the new Instagram algorithm?

Do you love Instagram? Is it something that you cannot go without visiting at least once a day to keep up with friends and your favourite brands?

If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions then you are sure to know about the recent change in the way Instagram allows users to see their newsfeed.

Earlier this year Instagram introduced an algorithm, which orders the users’ posts based on a number of factors. Following the new algorithm, posts will be ranked higher in newsfeeds based on a number of criteria. Including the timing of the post, the amount of likes and comments and how often users have interacted with one another in the past.

One of the largest social media platforms available, Instagram has over 400 million monthly users but, in this sea of users, Instagram says that with the changes “posts you’re likely to care about most will appear higher in your newsfeed.”

On the one hand, the new update allows brands to reach the right people, allowing those who are most passionate (and therefore interactive) to see the content posted online. Smaller business could actually have the same impact on users as larger business as it all just comes down to who has the most engaging content and loyal fanbase.

Brands are now under pressure, however, to produce the best photos, videos and stories that users want. They’ll need to work harder to create compelling and engaging content for their audience in order to maintain an organic reach, otherwise, in a similar way to Facebook, turning to promoted posts to have the best chance of reaching their audience.

Is the new feed working for you or your brand? What are your thoughts on the new Instagram changes?

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