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Love actually

Depending on what cards lady luck dealt you when you were young, Valentine’s Day at school was either a moment to be anticipated and savoured, or something you had to get through, with your head down and your heart in tatters until the following year.

Unless you were one of the lucky ones, one of the handsome, good-at-sport, popular boys, or one of the fair haired girls who turned heads as they walked by, this annual and very public humiliation was something many people dreaded.

However, those who were once young and beautiful quite often don’t stay that way, and with the invention of the modern miracle Facebook, it is possible to see that more than one of the ‘handsome, good-at sport, fair haired, head-turners’ have become, well, old. And fat. And bald.

It’s funny how they seek you out. How people you haven’t spoken to since the day you left school, perhaps who were not the kindest to you back then in your youth, suddenly want to become your friend. Albeit in cyberspace.

It’s also interesting how the nerdy kids, the ones who didn’t get cards, or chocolates, or a sneaked peck on the cheek by an admirer each year, have gone on to become CEO of this company, or chairman of that one.

Facebook has moved very swiftly in the last couple of years from a personal lunchtime distraction to a formidable corporate communications tool. But on days like today, it does give the once nerdy kids that are all grown up, the chance to reflect on how well they’ve done. And that they’ve still got their hair.