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Love is in the air – but which brand did it best?

14th February, the day when 180 million cards are exchanged, 198 million roses are produced, and when brands battle it out to get you to spend that little bit more on them.

From high speed dating to fruity spooning, we take a look at the best Valentine’s Day campaigns of 2016.

stockport1) Virgin Trains ‘Love Carriage’

Virgin Trains have stolen the crown of romance this Valentine’s season with literal high speed dating. Giving 24 singletons the opportunity to purchase a ‘single ticket’ from Kings Cross to York, the train company held their own train speed dating, hosted by First Dates’ very own Fred Sirieix.

The quirky campaign allowed users to ‘get their love life back on track’ by switching seats throughout the five hour journey with the rest of the passengers, on their ‘quest for love.’








banana-spoon2) Innocent Smoothies ‘Spooning Bananas’

With just over 24,000 Facebook likes, Innocent Smoothies ‘Spooning Bananas’ and sarcastic suggestions played to everyone’s inner cynic this Valentine’s Day.

Their four suggestions of how to woo your partner this season including ‘Getting them a map of Stockport’ went down well with those struggling to feel the love. Innocent’s sarcastic responses on their Facebook page to users comments further increased the humorous side of Valentine’s.









doughmance3) Dominos Pizza #Doughmance

If pizza wasn’t already the way to everyone’s hearts, Dominos Pizza #Doughmance campaign certainly spread the love this weekend. The pizza chain got users to sign up via their website for the chance to win some dough themed Valentine’s cards.

The epitome of cheesy and cute combined, the cards were a popular way to say I love you, with hundreds of users applying to win them. The poem “Rose are red, violets are blue, buy someone pizza, and they will love you” perfectly captured everyone’s cheesy side this year.


So there you have it for another year, between Fred Sirieix and pizza, we think it’s been a great one all round!