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Mark’s 4T miles in 4T days challenge

This year HROC is celebrating its 40th anniversary and to mark this milestone, employees at HROC are taking part in a variety of activities to raise money for local charities. Here’s what Creative Director, Mark Cheatham, who is swimming 40 miles in 40 days for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, had to say:

“When I’ve done anything for charity in the past, it’s tended to be running marathons. At my age, I’m not sure my legs are up to that anymore. Plus, I’ve already been there and done that – I really wanted to try something different and mix it up a bit this time. So thought I’d set myself the challenge of swimming a mile a day, for forty days on the trot. I must admit, the nearer it’s getting, the more I’m thinking ‘Whoah, hold on, this means going to the pool every single day, come rain or shine, including Saturdays and Sundays – no let up for 40 days, no wimping out if I’m feeling a bit under the weather, no thinking I just don’t fancy it today’. When you blank out 40 days of your diary like this, it does tend to throw up some unexpected issues. For instance, my 20th wedding anniversary falls smack bang in the middle of the challenge and I’m already committed to spending the night away – so, instead of kicking back and taking things easy the next day, I’m going to be hurtling around Cirencester trying to find a swimming pool to get my lengths in! And don’t even start on the issue of me staying fit for a prolonged period. Only last week, Sod’s Law, I picked up an injury niggle and found myself having another major mental wobble.

“But, fingers crossed I’m all sorted now, both physically and mentally, and I can’t wait to get into the pool and get started. My four pairs of Speedos are all washed and ready to go! On a more serious note, I can’t wait to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which does such fantastic work caring for young people. There are few things in life that affect or move me more than the plight of poorly children – it always seems so desperately unfair for kids to have to cope with these challenges at such a young age, before their little lives have really got going. So this? This is my opportunity to make a difference to those lives. This is my opportunity to be strong for them, when they can’t be strong for themselves.”

To sponsor Mark, head over to his JustGiving page.