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Twitter…the New Musical Venture

Social networking giant Twitter, has added another string to its bow with the launch of ‘Twitter #music’, which  since its unveiling in April has been met with mixed reviews.

#Music allows the user to sign in using their twitter account and access a recommended playlist, view music trending, emerging talent and tweets by those musicians they may be following on Twitter. Having selected one of these options, the user is taken to a page that shows the artist’s Twitter pictures, which is certainly aesthetically pleasing. But questions have arisen such as; is the content really that accurate? Will users take any notice of the recommendations? And is this just a gimmick with little musical credibility?

Once on “Twitter #music” the only way to listen to any music is through a small snippet (think iTunes) lasting seconds. That is unless you are a paying member of Spotify or Radio, in which case you have full access to all tracks and can listen to them fully.

At present though, there is not the option to solely pay for access using only Twitter, the user is required to come through a third party. Both of which do offer similar services, and the ability to view what playlists your friends are listening to, or to see a “What’s Popular” page, is not a feature exclusive to Twitter #Music. This begs the question – why go through Twitter at all?

Only time will tell if users do decide to choose Twitter. With news of Spotify aiding in a chart storming performance for Daft Punk, the signs are definitely there that social media is now playing a larger and greater part in music consumption than ever before. Whether this is good for the music industry or not is another matter.

With 554,750,000 active users (as of April 2013) Twitter definitely has a captive audience and with popularity being at an all time high, the giant may make it a storming success. There are however minor creases that will have to be ironed out before it can be considered in the league of its contemporaries.