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Plumbing PR. It’s all about the connections.

Profiling a company as an industry expert is great for positioning the brand and is a PR fundamental. But the real test, the ultimate justification, is arguably more straightforward. Does it translate into bums on seats?

For the plumbing industry, it’s all about making the right connections. In PR terms, the same applies when it comes to promoting the products and services on offer.

Training and education may not be as exciting a story to tell as announcing a new innovative product to the market. But for the specifiers and engineers the insight and expertise they gain from a company’s CPD presentation can keep them one step ahead of competitors, on top of the latest regulations and better able to ‘sell’ themselves to the paying customer.

If you can get news about your company’s programme into the right media it can do so much more than just generate a headline.

HROC client Conex Bänninger is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plumbing fittings, valves and accessories. Its latest CPD showcased the performance benefits of copper as a preferential fitting material.

The PR team at HROC reviewed the presentation and selected the ‘news hook’ that would interest editors in the relevant trade media – how copper’s anti-microbial properties can help in the fight against infections including potentially deadly Legionnaires’ Disease.

Subsequent coverage in print and online generated a plumbing toolbox overflowing with requests for places at upcoming CPD presentations.

From London to Scotland, these ranged from individual specifiers to installers, to clerks of works and groups of engineers and designers. Exactly the target audiences the client wished to reach.

So, we were able not only to report back on some solid positioning activity and significant column inches but could also demonstrate a material response.

Three steps to success. Raising awareness, creating demand, changing behaviour.

If you have a CPD programme you wish to promote, or need help with putting bums on seats, give us a call on 0121 454 9707 or email gary.hebblethwaite.co.uk.

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