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Diary of a PR Intern

We’ve all heard those horror stories about interns and people on work experience – spending their weeks learning how to make the perfect cup of tea but never really learning much else. I’ve heard them too, so needless to say, before coming to work at HROC, I was a little apprehensive!

Having next to no PR experience, I feared I was going to be completely intimidated by all the super slick, super confident PR personas that you see in sketch shows. As I walked to the door, I racked my brain for some sharp witty one liners to make that striking first impression.

However HROC certainly does not live up to any of the scary pre-conceptions I had about a PR agency. All the (obviously hilarious) one liners I had come up with seemed redundant in the friendly and relaxed environment I found myself in.

When I first arrived, I met Steve Sherran, Managing Director of PR, and after giving me a brief tour of the building he took me through a presentation about what exactly ‘PR’ entails! Within the first couple of hours I had already discovered loads of useful new stuff about the industry and what exactly a ‘PRO’ is. Who knew there were so many different ways to advertise a company without adverts?!

After that, I was introduced to the rest of the PR team and given my first brief; to plan a product launch for an up-and-coming release from one of the agency’s major clients. Although this was a slightly scary prospect, I was so excited to be working on an actual project and couldn’t wait to get stuck in! Throughout the week I have been working with Account Directors Heather Price and Sarah Cull, to find the perfect venue and theme for the launch, whilst also looking for appropriate brandable gifts to give to the attendees of the event (popcorn was a personal favourite).

I also got to experience my first client meeting, when Heather, Sarah and I along with Senior Account Director, Russell Clarke, headed down to Peterborough to meet the client representatives and discuss our ideas for the launch and ongoing account activity.

This week has been a valuable introduction to the PR world and to be given an actual client and event to work on, during my first week, was great. Working closely within the team has given me a real feel for the kind of day to day work that goes on in an agency like HROC. It is also refreshing to actually feel as if the work I am doing is valuable and contributing to the efforts of the agency, rather than being given seemingly pointless tasks to keep me busy.

I can’t believe how fast my first week has flown by, but I am loving working at HROC and I can safely say I have learnt more about the team and their work than just how many sugars they take in their tea!

Can’t wait for next week!