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The Impact of Shopping Insights on Google Ads

The onset of the global pandemic has to a great extent pushed our shopping further online. The change was slowly coming but now with added rules encouraging people to stay away from busy cities and crowded shopping centres, online sales have increased. Throughout the year we’ve seen supermarkets reporting high levels of online growth and Google is looking to capitalise on this modified method of shopping. With the imminent arrival of Christmas and Thanksgiving in the USA, Google is preparing for the influx of shopping that will be done through search and particularly with Shopping Ads. Ahead of the holiday sales, Google shopping is adding ‘price insights’ to search along with a series of new updates to benefit users and retailers.

Price Insights are the next step in Shopping Ads 

Price insights will be found on the Shopping product pages which can be accessed via the Google app or simply through search. This functionality will allow users to promptly identify whether the price offered for an item is low, typical, or high compared to other prices found across the web or at local stores. This useful feature will allow potential customers to smoothly review their purchases to get the best price and deal they can. 

You might be thinking this feature sounds familiar because Google has used it for over two years for their flight comparisons tab. This feature has been widely praised for getting users the best deal or at least not being ripped off by overpriced travel costs. Also, the clear colour-coded scale is easy to follow and blends into the page well. It’s not surprising that the insights feature will be introduced to Ads. 

As well as this, Google is allowing sellers to put more visible promotions on their Shopping products. An example of these is reduction annotations like  “sale” or promotion annotations such as “Buy 2 get 20% off” which stand out on an image. In addition to this, there is an “on-sale” filter added to the Shopping Tab for users to browse items in a sale. All these features are included in the free shopping ads in the SERP that Google announced earlier this year. They also emphasise that retailers can take advantage of these updates even if they don’t advertise with Google.

It is important to note that most of these features are only currently set to be rolled out in the USA however it is reasonable to think that there will be a global launch.

What will Shopping Insights mean for your business?

For retailers, the aim here is to gain a lot more visibility for the products you’re selling online. This can be for a multitude of reasons with the new updates creating a more rounded approach to internet retail. Firstly, Insights will provide a greater customer experience and satisfaction to see that your product is a typical or low price compared to your competitors. Potential customers seeing that your merchandise is of a high price will generally ignore your site if there are better options. Of course, don’t be pushed to lower your prices if you also offer a premium service that brings users to your site however be aware that sales might decrease as a result of competitors advertising lower prices.

Secondly, the updates will increase your product visibility by allowing you to add more highlights to your promotions. Regarding Shopping Ads, retailers will have more commodities standing out from the crowd by using added messages and focal points that can simply be added in the Marchant Center. Google also announced that average approval time has been reduced dramatically so retailers will have a much better chance to react to the demand of shoppers such as extending promotions or running a flash sale. 

Finally, the Google Shopping Ads have included significant quality of life improvements to reporting which is always welcome. By tagging their promotional inventory with custom labels, retailers will be able to take advantage of these new reporting features. Here, you’ll be able to receive more data on how your sales are performing and adjust accordingly.

Overall these appear to be positive moves for Shopping Ads with users and retailers both seeing the benefits. Shoppers will be able to find the best price for their seasonal gifts whereas those advertising can promote and report their business much better.

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