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Social media and the path to purchase

From product placements in the background of a polished Instagram shot to adverts showcasing the latest way to get convenient recipes delivered to your door, every time we log on to social media we see something that is either directly asking us to buy, or at the very least, influencing us to do so. As a result, the way in which we, as consumers, purchase something has completely changed over the last few years.

So much so that 75% of customers say they use social media as part of the buying process, with 55% stating they make a purchase after a social media discovery. This could include seeing a product on a brand’s newsfeed, having a product directly advertised to them through targeting or simply seeing their favourite online influencer using a product.

It’s safe to say that businesses know that selling and influencing via social media is big business and it makes sense! The average person now devotes around two hours every day to social media, which equates to more time than they spend eating, drinking, socialising and grooming. If a brand or company isn’t using its social platforms to push their product, then they are only missing out on another way of getting in front of its audience and securing that sale.

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