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The ‘colourful’ world of integrated marketing

Working in this marketing communication agency environment, everyone likes to think that their piece of the communications pie (digital, design, PR…) is by far the tastiest.

This was amusingly highlighted recently in an email thread I came across. I can’t remember how it all started but essentially a bunch of digital chaps and a group of graphic design fellows were having a heated debate that involved such acronyms as RGB and CMYK, and comments revolving around 300dpi and 72dpi were rife (And don’t even get them started on the PC versus Mac battle).

It was a fair fought contest with each side scoring their own little wins. Digital guys obviously extolling the virtues of Comic Sans and the fact that it’s possibly the best typeface ever invented. With the design-types wondering whether you needed image sharpening glasses to view all the low-res imagery that the opposition dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

Suffice to say that there really is no winner here. Each discipline will always believe in their own working practices and the qualities that are inherent in their way of producing communication pieces. But let’s face it; you look through pretty much any website these days and you’ve got a PR involvement running blogs, Facebook and Twitter links, advertising slapped all over them and, ultimately, a call to action that invariably says “for more information, or to request our brochure…”

In true Aesop style, I reckon the moral of this story is that, as long as your agency has people who are creative, committed and passionate about what they do…

…long live integrated marketing!