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Up the stairs and across the landing

Having been in the industry for a good few years now (no sniggering at the back, please), I still find it bizarre that we don’t have an accepted industry standard when it comes to measurements for ad sizes.

After all, we have them for other things. For instance, everyone is aware that a high resolution image must be at least 300dpi and, within HROC, in order to retain the quality, we won’t ever enlarge any image by more than 125%.

Then there’s that other unwritten rule, that other agency ‘given’. Namely, despite being here even longer than I have, our executive creative director still doesn’t appear to have a clue where the kitchen is.

So, why not something for ad dimensions, too? A little guideline we can all adhere too.

Because we all know what happens, don’t we. You’re given the ad size and you spend a not inconsiderable amount of time putting all the elements together, crafting the ad to its conclusion, only to then be told:

‘You’ve done it the wrong way round’.

So, please, let’s spread the message. Let’s get the word out. Account handlers, publications, clients – always remember the golden rule. Always remember this little advertising maxim:

Up the stairs and across the landing.

Height x width. Thank you