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Video on Instagram Launched

Facebook has rolled out its challenger to Twitter’s Vine. Video functionality is now available on Instagram that allows users to record clips, add filters and then share them with followers in the same way they can with photos.

The video clips can be as long as 15 seconds of action, which is 9 seconds longer than is currently available on Vine, but does not allow video looping.

Co-founder Kevin Systrom told media at the launch “We need to do to video what we did to photos.”

Video for Instagram contains thirteen specially created filters that are all different from the photo filters. Users will be able to edit specific portions of their video clips while they are filming, enabling them to get their clips ‘just right.’

Another built in feature is the Cinema function. This allows you to stabilise shaky video clips for better quality results.  Systrom enthused, “this changes everything.” It gives users and even companies the chance to produce stabilised, professional quality visuals without having to invest heavily on bespoke equipment. The clips can be spontaneous and filmed on the fly, but still well composed.

Video on Instagram has a few immediate advantages over Vine. First, Instagram can boast a 130 million user-base who have access to the functionality immediately.

Second, many companies have already built up a solid audience on Instagram that they can now add the Video functionality to.

Finally, Video on Instagram is available on Android and iOS users straight away, something Android users are sure to appreciate.