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Visual Studio 2015 Release Date

The 20th July 2015 is an exciting day for us developers in HROC Digital, as it sees the official release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6.

The new version of our IDE-of-choice is not just a fresh lick of paint. It sees Microsoft take some big steps into offering programming software to develop cross-platform applications as well as great support for mobile development supporting iOS, Android and of course Windows Phone. Diagnostics and tooling improvements will improve productivity with deeper integration with the Azure cloud and in-depth Application Insights.

The new pricing structure for Visual Studios also sees a new, completely free Community edition. This is equivalent to the old fully featured Professional edition, but now completely free for individuals to use.

Whilst we still have multi-language support for C#, C++ and Python; to reflect the cosmic shift towards all things JavaScript, we can see full support for Node.js and package managers like NPM and Bower.

Perhaps the most exciting thing for us though is the approaching release of ASP.NET 5, which will run on the .NET 4.6 Framework. Now fully open source, the new Core offers a small cloud optimised runtime that will not only run on Windows, but also Linux and Mac. Could we finally be looking at a .NET application which can truly run on all devices?