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Will YouTube Shorts Change How Your Brand Creates Content?

By 2015, with over 200 million active users, Vine was nothing short of a sensation. Allowing users to upload their 7-second clips that could endlessly loop for viewers delight was a social media dream. Founded in 2012 and bought by Twitter shortly after, the platform moved from being an everyday video sharing tool to a cultural movement bringing out the best in inventiveness, experimentation, and imagination from creators from all around the world. From previously unknown teens to popular comedians using the platform, it really showcased what can be broadcast in a matter of seconds. Making stars (for better or worse) of people like Logan Paul, Zach King and Amada Cerny as well as attracting many business & brands, you would think the app would continue to succeed. Ultimately, through lack of development and evolution, Vine lost out to other applications such as Instagram and Snapchat who created the next generation of celebrities. In 2016, Twitter announced it would halt users from uploading content and subsequently the platform has discontinued.

On top of Stories, the Snapchat clone feature which was introduced in 2016, Instagram added their version of TikTok earlier last month. ‘Reels’ is practically TikTok, highlighting the move for short video form which gives users the ability to record and edit multi-clip videos while adding effects, audio plus whatever creative ideas they can think of. Instagram (who are owned by Facebook) is marketing this tool to allow all users to become ‘creators’ and “reach new audiences on a global stage” while bringing in more business. In the short time Reels have been active, we have seen brands promote fashion, make-up as well as energy drinks.


Youtube Shorts

Now we are seeing Youtube (Owned by Google) officially launching their TikTok competitor: ‘Shorts’, a 15-second short video platform which allows users to record and edit multi-clip videos while adding effects, audio and… sound familiar? Shorts will be showcased in a carousel on the Youtube homepage which has already popped up showing various short videos, including TikToks, for Youtube users. The most interesting aspect of the beta-version launch of the TikTok rival is that it will be trialled in India, a country which in June banned 59 Chinese apps. 


Adding a dedicated section of the already popular video site, Youtube will help diversify the market once Shorts are opened up globally which could lead to heavy investment from Google to see it become the leading platform. While TikTok dominates the younger audience, YouTube is a long-established platform and might well see more users of varying ages interacting with new content.

Is TikTok In Trouble?

While challenging to dominate social media including YouTube, there have been powerful rumblings for TikTok with President Trump warning he will ban the app in the USA unless an American firm controls their home operations and India banning the platform altogether despite having 120 million active users at the time. Sources are still mixed on whether TikTok is for sale or whether a US buyer such as Microsoft or Oracle is willing to buy the platform but all the rumours point to the fact that this form of media is on top right now. 

Looking To Create Video Content?

Even though apps and platforms are making video content look easier to create, the hard work that goes into content creation is often overlooked. Before you come up with an idea, even the shortest viral videos can take hours of recording footage, editing, plus adding effects and audio. On top of that, the marketing required to ensure your content isn’t lost in the millions of seconds of footage uploaded daily to video hosting websites.


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