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Bradstone Brochure


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The Challenge

To design and produce a brochure that would give the UK’s largest landscaping materials brand a whole new look. The sheer number of different products involved and frequent need for original photography mean that putting together the brochure is a massive logistical exercise. While the brochure also had to serve the dual purpose of appealing to homeowners and contractors alike.

The Solution

Incorporating a host of design tips and packed with inspirational ideas, the brochure is an ideal starting point for homeowners looking to transform their outdoor space and create the garden or driveway of their dreams. HROC not only designed the brochure, but also sourced the varied range of garden locations and designed and coordinated the build of all the sets for the photography.

The Result

With its full-page images, clean lines, soft satin finish and user-friendly format, the 2105 Bradstone brochure provides the best of both worlds. An attractive coffee-table book styling that appeals to homeowners and a clear, concise delivery of information that’s perfect for the contractor.