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Installer #SpiroEVent sparks Spirotech’s social media to life


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https://Installer #SpiroEVent sparks Spirotech’s social media to life

The Challenge

Water heating system conditioning client, Spirotech, knew the brand’s products had a point of difference within the UK market, but wasn’t sure how to make an impact with one of its target audiences: heating engineers.

A key factor within this challenge was not simply brand exposure, but educating this vital demographic on the process of deaeration, as Spirotech’s deaerators provide an air removal solution not seen by many domestic installers.

HROC’s PR team was tasked with looking at how this education piece could be achieved, whilst also looking to boost engagement on its Twitter channel, a platform favoured by heating engineers.

The Solution

After some internal creative get-togethers, HROC suggested hosting an installer-focused event at Spirotech UK’s headquarters, with all attendees invited being hand-picked followers of the brand’s Twitter profile.

#SpiroEVent was born, with attendees on the day receiving in-depth presentations on the company’s history, an educational workshop on the process of deaeration, some live product demonstrations and a lively Q&A forum, where engineers were encouraged to give honest feedback on the brand and its products.

This was then followed by an evening event, where Spirotech’s guests were treated to a tour of Purity Brewery and an air hockey tournament.

The Result

The event was a big success, with the heating engineers attending converted into brand advocates for Spirotech products and championing the deaeration process.

HROC ensured that those invited to the event were key influencers within the heating engineering community on Twitter. Therefore, the attendees were live Tweeting to their followers and creating a real buzz around the day.

In the short term, the event recruited 50 new Twitter followers and #SpiroEVent related tweets achieving 10,000 impressions. However, in the medium to long term, it has served as the catalyst in building an army of Spirotech supporters, many of whom regularly endorse the brand online.