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The Challenge

Despite being a market-leading manufacturer of agricultural, groundcare and construction equipment, with a fantastic reputation for performance, quality and reliability, Kubota had virtually no social presence. A further challenge was to implement and deliver a PR programme that reflected the size and position and conveyed the stature of the Kubota brand.

The Solution

HROC maximised media exposure for the Kubota range of solutions across its core trade media markets, positioning the brand as the market leader and as the expert in its sectors. We also planned and executed a social media strategy that could really do justice to this clear market leader.

The Result

HROC generated over 450 cuttings in core trade media alone in 2014, achieving an EAV of over £430,000 and a return on investment of over £14 for every £1 spent. Despite having no social presence, HROC developed a community of nearly 20,000 fans and 2000+ Twitter followers in just 12 months, as well as producing over 20 videos for youtube.