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Conex Bänninger



The Challenge

Having developed its latest CPD offering, Conex Bänninger, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plumbing fittings, valves and accessories, was eager to generate interest among specifiers and installers so it could engage directly with its target audiences and present it to them.

The Solution

The HROC team identified the relevant key trade media, in the specification and heating and plumbing press, and selected a strong ‘news hook’ from the CPD that would appeal to editors – how copper’s anti-microbial properties can help in the fight against infections. The story was crafted both as a press release and a more in-depth feature and issued to the media.

The Result

Extensive positive coverage in the targeted publications, in print and online, leading to multiple requests for places at upcoming CPD presentations. From individual specifiers to installers, from clerks of works and groups of engineers and designers, requests came in from across the UK with the CPD subsequently delivered. Awareness was raised, the audience fully engaged and Conex Bänninger’s position as an industry leader was reinforced.