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National survey sparks consumer interest for Redring


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The Challenge

Traditionally a trade brand, electric water heating client Redring had ambitious plans to launch its first consumer product: the Reditap, a 3-in-1 boiling water tap, a relatively new product concept that has been in the UK market for a few years.

HROC’s PR team was tasked with engineering a way of giving this innovative but low interest product extensive national exposure.

The Solution

HROC suggested a national research survey would be the ideal route into the national media space. Cue brainstorm after brainstorm to devise the right news hook… and then it hit us.  The UK is a nation of tea drinkers, the Reditap is perfect for making a cuppa, so let’s find out where the nation’s biggest tea lovers were and launch the product with this research to spark conversation and debate.

The Result

The results of the survey were astronomical, with the Redring brand and the boiling water tap product gaining exposure to over 10 million readers. The coverage included articles in The Sun, The Sun Online, The Sun Scotland, The Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Mail Scotland, Liverpool Echo and Liverpool Echo Online to name a few.

This equated to an AEV (advertising equivalent value) of over £110,000, a PR value of over £330,000 and gave HROC’s client an ROI of 75:1.

Redring consumer product launch = mission complete