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The Challenge

To conceive and produce a video, as a central part of the Royal Life Saving Society’s Drowning Prevention Week, that would communicate the dangers of open water to secondary school aged pupils and upwards in a way that would be compelling, credible and relevant.

The Solution

The idea is chillingly simple. A teenager speaks direct to camera, describing his day in a language that the core audience can relate to. Everything is absolutely normal – except for the fact that, as the boy relates the day’s events, the screen is gradually filling up with water. Eventually, it covers his head and drowns him.

The Result

Working in partnership with Chrome Productions and renowned special effects company, Artem, ingenuity and problem-solving were taken to new levels to conquer the raft of technical challenges. The finished result is an extraordinarily powerful and impactful film, speaking in a language the target understands and connecting on a level where it can make a real difference.