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Securing Homes And Sales For The Key Safe Company


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The Challenge

Raise brand awareness of The Key Safe Company by educating people on the many benefits of the Supra C500 Key Safe and drive leads and sales across B2B and consumer markets.

The Solution

Launched a fully integrated 12-month campaign designed to target consumers and also focused on targeting the care sector, property and schools and universities from a trade perspective. The campaign included running a robust press office, exhibition support and integrated organic and paid for social media activity across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Result

Over 1.8 million people were reached through impactful editorial, with the PR team delivering 61 pieces of coverage and a ROI of 9:1. The commercial results for The Key Safe Company were exceptional, with revenue up 22% and website traffic increasing over 14% in a six-month period. Four pieces of activity alone generated £24k worth of sales – enabling us to demonstrate real measurement based on the bottom line.