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Compelling Creative

HROC underpins individual advertising and design skills with sound strategic planning to provide compelling creative that can make a tangible difference to your bottom line. We give you the strongest possible brand presence in a world where the ability of your product or service to stand out has never been more important.

Sales promotions can come in a vast array of different shapes and sizes. Even more so following the explosion in online promotional activity over the last few years. Put simply, nowadays the only limit to the type and form of a sales promotion is the imagination. And, happily for our many clients, the imagination of the HROC sales promotion team knows no bounds. Over the years, HROC has handled literally hundreds of sales promotion schemes. We have devised retailer incentive schemes for the world’s largest tyre company. We have developed loyalty programmes aimed at installers and stockists for one of Europe’s leading shower manufacturers. We have set up myriad consumer competitions and prize draws through the local and national press and home interest publications for everything from indoor market chains to kitchen manufacturers, shower enclosures to private healthcare providers. We have designed eye-catching and distinctive price led promotional point of sale for major home furnishing stores. We have created nationwide art and sculpture competitions for the world’s leading supplier of building materials. We have established and promoted national gardening sponsorships on behalf of one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of gardening and landscaping materials. We have dispatched, quite literally, millions of E-mailings to client database targets. We have even sent ingenious online interactive games spidering out into the internet in the name of sales promotion. Whether your sales promotion is aimed at the trade or the consumer, whether it’s fashioned tactically around an event such as the World Cup or Christmas, or designed to drive sales forward on an ongoing basis, whether the incentive is as small as a branded beanie or as big as a £20,000 bathroom makeover, trust the HROC sales promotion team to deliver the innovative, original, cost effective and results orientated sales promotion solution you’re looking for.

Great point of sale is not just about coming up with an eye-catching and distinctive design. It is not just about creating some pretty graphics or choosing a quirky typeface. At HROC, we believe that, if you really want your point of sale to achieve results, if you really want your POS to catch the attention of your customers, then you first have to acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your clients and, importantly, the markets in which they operate, the environments in which they will be displaying.

The HROC point of sale team recognises that great POS identifies and appeals to the right target audience, is located in the right place and speaks in the right language. HROC can call upon experienced teams of point of sale and point of purchase developers to provide you with precisely the right POS solution. Working in close consultation with the client to determine your exact requirements, we will combine superlative design skills with an appreciation of your marketplace to create innovative, impactful, imaginative and, above all, effective point of sale material. A POS solution that stands out from the plethora of competing material surrounding it. An eye-catching design that stops customers in their tracks, and then holds them there with a clear and instantly understandable message, a well thought out piece of communication.

A piece of point of sale that, simply put, is compelling enough to make the customer buy. Whether it’s shelf edging or a display stand, a mobile or hanging banner, a display pack or a shelf wobbler, a counter or leaflet display, header cards or window posters, forecourt signage or till toppers, trust the POS team at HROC to deliver the inspirational point of sale design you’re looking for. So don’t let your point of sale get lost amongst the masses of competing material – work together with HROC’s POS designers to create point of sale that’s powerful, persuasive and attention grabbing.

At HROC, we know that packaging isn’t just about finding a way of putting a product in a box. It isn’t just about sticking a pretty label on a bottle. There’s a whole lot more to packaging than just providing a practical solution. HROC Design recognises that skillfully designed packaging has the potential to make a fundamental difference to your sales, and ultimately to the success and bottom line of your business. At HROC, we realise that the right packaging solution is absolutely essential to the popularity and appeal of your product.

Yes, at its most basic level, packaging design is about containing a product in a box. But, more than this, the best packaging is about communicating essential product information in as visually appealing a way as possible, facilitating easy storage in-store and on the shelf and, perhaps most important of all, reinforcing the brand. Fortunately, your product or service is in safest of hands with the HROC packaging design team. HROC has been providing outstanding packaging design to a broad spectrum of clients, from a wide variety of sectors, for many, many years. From the UK’s best selling gas fires to the world’s best known weedkiller, from clutch components to brake parts, from dog food to outdoor activity toys, from high efficiency combination boilers to ready cooked chicken, from decorative aggregates for water features to garden and pathway landscaping materials, from thermostatic electric showers to paintball guns. You name it, there’s a good chance HROC has done the packaging for it.

Irrespective of the design challenge, we always provide a packaging solution that is both relevant and attention grabbing, and able to provide that all-important stand-out on the shelf or in-store. Plus a solution that always considers the broader picture and ensures that any corporate identity design considerations, any wider advertising approaches or themes, are also incorporated seamlessly into the packaging design to ensure a coordinated and consistent look and feel. All of which help to give HROC clients a packaging solution that conveys product information, reinforces brand and maximises revenue opportunity.

There’s not much point in making a great product or coming up with a great service, if you’re not going to have equally impressive and professional looking literature to help sell it in, irrespective of whether it’s to the trade or director to the consumer.

The award winning design team at HROC has an enviable track record in the design and production of all types of marketing literature for all types of client, large and small, national and international. It is precisely this kind of literature design experience, garnered over many long years, that marks HROC Design out from its competitors and enables it to provide just the right solution whatever the literature requirement. Whether it’s a consumer brochure for a newly launched product or installation instructions for fitters; whether it’s an annual report aimed at key stakeholders or a technical specification manual; whether it’s a detailed product catalogue or a prospectus to help land a client win new business; trust HROC’s skilled design personnel to deliver a piece of literature that’s a perfect combination of both flair and function, of style and substance.

A piece of literature that is, at the same time, both relevant and captivating, translating your sales message into a form that is attractive and appealing to your potential customers. On the one hand, the HROC design team has the capability to produce one-off standalone iconic literature pieces that have creative impact and a real ‘wow’ factor. On the other, HROC’s knowledgeable and expert designers are just as adept when your business organisation needs an entire suite of communications, extending across multiple products or myriad services, with consistency, coherence and coordination now the name of the game. What’s more, there’s no point in producing stunningly designed literature if no one’s going to bother reading it. So, you’ll find HROC Design has its very own superb in-house copywriting resource; experienced and specialist wordsmiths to provide your literature with persuasive and compelling copy, and deliver a sales message that is always pitched at just the right level for your target audience.

The HROC design team has been planning, organising, designing and managing exhibitions for many, many years, for a wide and ever expanding range of clients, providing outstanding exhibition solutions in venues across the length and breadth of the UK. Whether your exhibition requirement is for something as small and straightforward as a roller banner or pop-up exhibition display you can use time and time again, or for a spectacular double tier stand built completely from scratch on the largest of sites, rest easy in the knowledge that the HROC exhibition team has the skills and experience to supply the perfect design.

If required, HROC can give you a total service, a complete turnkey solution, from conception to liaising with and booking the venue, designing the stand to building and handover – we’ll even take your stand down at the end of the show, if required, and keep it in safe storage for you. HROC’s exhibition experts will be there with you every step of the way to make sure your appearance at the exhibition is a completely stress-free experience that passes off without the slightest hitch. So, no niggling stand assembly problems. No audio visual glitches. No spelling mistakes on panel copy. Just a smooth running and highly successful exhibition presence that achieves all your objectives and more.

Importantly, at HROC, we supplement our acquired specialist exhibition know-how with superb design skills. So, whether you’re looking to increase sales, launch your latest product or simply reinforce brand, you can depend on the HROC design team to deliver a really eye-catching an innovative stand that gives you a real edge over your fellow exhibitors. An exhibition stand that is as creative, distinctive and imaginative, as it is functional, practical and effective. An exhibition stand design that has been tailor designed to really make the most of your products and services, to maximise their impact and bring them to the attention of exhibition visitors.

Executed skilfully and carefully, direct mail can form a highly effective weapon in your marketing armoury helping you to acquire new customers and adding to your bottom line. At HROC, we have many years of experience of producing highly creative and successful direct mail campaigns for both consumer and business-to-business clients, big and small, from a range of sectors. The kind of specialist know-how to stop your direct mail piece from ending up in the bin, discarded as junk.

The HROC direct mail team realises that effective direct mail is not just about creating a design piece that looks visually attractive. It is clearly vital to incorporate design elements that capture and retain the attention, but equally important to us is the need to understand our clients, their markets and their target audience. That’s where HROC’s wealth of cumulative direct mail experience really comes into play. With HROC, we twin a passion for original and creative design with an in-depth understanding of both direct mail and our clients. We also have the in-house copywriting resource that can call upon many years’ experience of writing for direct mail, to ensure strong visuals are matched by compelling and persuasive copy.

The result is direct mail that speaks to the right audience, delivers the right offer and achieves the right results. The HROC direct mail team offers a range of services, from creative design to help bring your campaign to life to all areas of fulfillment such enclosing, folding, labeling and addressing your mailings. Not to mention database processing, management and cleansing. Naturally, given the explosive impact of digital on the world of marketing over recent years, HROC also offers a comprehensive online/electronic direct mail service.

With our own dedicated digital and interactive company, we have the resource and expertise to help you build your own customer mailing lists. Moreover, with our own in-house digital designers, too, rest assured HROC can create the kind of e-mailings that really grab the attention, encouraging your potential customers to click through. In short, whatever direct mail service you’re looking for, trust the award-winning team at HROC to deliver.

Having a strong corporate identity in place is vitally important in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. A strong corporate identity goes right to the very heart of your business and communicates what your company stands for and reflects your corporate values, attitudes, philosophy and how your organisation goes about its business.

For us at HROC, corporate ID is concerned with the fundamentals of how business operates. So it’s imperative you get your corporate identity right – it is the very foundation upon which all your further marketing communications will be built. HROC has a long experience of developing strong, successful, long-lasting corporate identities for a wide and ever expanding range of blue chip clients. From luxury yacht manufacturers to England’s finest shoemaker, from Premiership football clubs to products for the UK’s best know outdoor toy manufacturer. HROC’s corporate identity team realise that having a compelling and dynamic ID is not just about brand names or colour schemes or pretty logos – though all, of course, will play an important part. An engaging and effective corporate identity goes much further than that.

At HROC, we recognise that the best corporate identities stem not only from the quality of design, but also from a clarity of strategy and, perhaps most important of all, a consistency of application. So, it’s not just about coming up with an iconic and eye-catching design. Great corporate identity is about how the ID is implemented, how it is managed, how it is policed. Ensuring the identity is used correctly wherever and whenever it manifests in physical terms.

Whether it’s on a piece of stationery, in an ad, on a poster, in a brochure, on a comp slip, in an internal newsletter, in an E-mailing. To make sure we do give you the best possible solution, the HROC ID team will audit and evaluate your current communications, before suggesting a new ID strategy and providing a creative solution. We will also be there during to help during the critical stages of implementation and change management. Handled carefully, a corporate ID has a crucial role to fulfil inside any business organisation, too, where, at the same time as delivering key messages to the world outside, it can unite people of a common purpose, like a football team’s strip and colours unite its fans.

Advertising to the consumer can be a costly business. So, you want to make sure you get it right – first time. The consumer advertising team at HROC has an experience and relevant expertise garnered over many long years, and is supremely well qualified to give you the very best consumer advertising advice and support available.

At HROC, you will not find your consumer advertising brief taken by junior account executives and passed down the line to fresh-faced junior creative teams just out of college. Nor will you find the job outsourced to freelance creative. On the contrary, at HRO’C, your advertising brief will be handled by senior account directors, often including board directors, fed directly into senior, highly experienced, award winning creative teams and handled completely in-house by our own creative resource, a 20-strong creative services department.

Our consumer advertising experience encompasses all types and all sizes of client – from all sorts of sectors. From the UK’s best known steering locks to Europe’s best quality shower enclosures. From sports equipment and clothing to home furnishings. From rail travel and fares to the world’s most exclusive yachts. From the world’s best selling weedkiller to government backed learning initiatives. From garden equipment to Britain’s best loved gas fires. With the common denominator every time being HROC’s ability to produce consumer advertising that’s impactful, effective and compellingly creative.

The HROC team is capable of providing stand-out consumer advertising across all types of media and also offers the benefit of one of the Midlands’ most pre-eminent media buying and planning services, to ensure you make the most of your media budget. So, whether it’s a press advertisement or a radio ad, cinema or TV commercial, adshell or 48 sheet poster, ambient or online, bus back or side, let HROC give you the effective, results orientated consumer advertising solution you’re looking for.

If you are looking for advertising and marketing support in the Midlands that is primarily business-to-business, you couldn’t be in better hands than the award winning B2B team at HROC. We have a long experience of providing business to business advertising for a wide variety of high profile clients, from a range of different sectors including building and construction, heating and plumbing, home and garden, commercial property, automotive and agricultural – to name but a few.

At HROC, we know the difference between marketing to the consumer and talking to the trade. We realise that a wholly different approach and set of skills are required when businesses are looking to promote their services or products to other businesses, rather than direct to the consumer. With a proven B2B advertising pedigree stretching back over 30 years, HROC has an in-depth knowledge of the best and most appropriate business to business channels and of the type of advertising messages that will interest and appeal to other business organisations. Put simply, we know what messages turn other businesses on.

In our time, we’ve communicated the merits of the world’s largest range of building construction equipment; we’ve provided business to business advertising support to one of the world’s largest information technology services companies; and we’ve addressed the myriad business to business needs of the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer. So, whether you are looking to support your stockists with innovative and effective marketing materials or simply targeting your trade customers through the trade press with powerful and impactful trade advertising, whether you need to launch a new product or service to the trade ahead of the consumer launch or simply need to communicate details of an upcoming consumer marketing spend, rest assured the business to business advertising team at HROC have the skills, relevant and sheer marketing nous to deliver your marketing requirements.

At HROC, we have acquired an excellent reputation for the levels of account servicing and planning we provide to our clients. You don’t just have to take our word for it though. Listen instead to the independent advice of the Recommended Agency Register (RAR). Not only has RAR listed HROC as one of the top 25 performing marketing services companies based outside of London, picked from literally thousands of marketing and advertising agencies on the basis of service delivery, business efficiency and company growth – we have also been shortlisted in the recent RAR awards for our advertising and brand strategic thinking offerings.

While it’s always nice to receive official recognition, we believe our clients have been aware of our account handling capability for some time. Testament to this is the fact that some of our clients have remained faithful to HROC for 20 years or more. Perhaps one of the reasons for the longevity of our client relationships is the enormous spectrum of expertise, garnered across a plethora of different sectors, available from HROC account handling personnel. At HROC, no matter what size of account, large or small, you’ll find your business is not palmed off on to fresh-faced junior account executives and inexperienced account handlers only just out of college.

Right from the very outset of our appointment, you’ll find the HROC account planning and handling team comprises senior staff, often at director level, who can call upon a long advertising experience and who will stay closely involved with your account for the duration of your business’s relationship with HROC. The emphasis is firmly on the development of a partnership between client and HROC – we see ourselves as an extension of your marketing department, helping you to achieve your marketing objectives and adding real value to your business. Proactive and results orientated in our approach, trust HROC’s account planning team to help you squeeze the most out of your advertising budget.