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Do you look at your competitors and ask yourself why they are on the first page of Google – and you’re not? Do you wonder why your website doesn’t look as good as theirs? Then it’s time to get in touch with one of the Midlands’ most respected digital agencies. Let our results driven team of experts provide the digital and online marketing strategy that best matches your business objectives.

The web design and build team at HROC specialise in creating functional and optimised websites that help our clients get the most from their web traffic.
At the heart of every business lies a website advertising a service or directly selling a product, HROC has a proven track record for creating websites that allow our clients to give their users the best possible online experience. Great web design comes from creating websites that work for our clients by creating another marketing channel, not just an online business card. We are not just focused on great aesthetic web design, but functional sites that work for any type of business. Your website exists to promote your business, it is pointless having a website that does not reflect the business you are in.Great websites start with great planningOur web design and build process starts with detailed consultation and planning, way before we let our web developers and designers loose on a project. We want to ensure that our clients get the website they need. In order to achieve this we listen to our clients’ needs, and then begin to map out the structure of the website and functionality. It’s not until these phases are completed, that we start to design the look and feel of the site. Our strength lies in our ability to produce sites that look great and still meet the clients’ business needs.

Bespoke web design & functionality

The web design team at HROC produce websites for our clients that are unique and designed specifically to represent their business. We cannot only produce exquisitely designed sites, complete with dynamic web animation. HROC also specialises in creating bespoke website functionality ranging from ecommerce solutions through to enterprise level functionality. All of our clients benefit from our attitude and view that any functionality is possible and we never say no to any idea. No matter how complex or seemingly unattainable. HROC web design and custom site build services cater for all sizes of business, no matter what the requirements.

Picture this: You have just spent thousands on your new website or website redesign. Have you stopped to consider where you are going to get your website traffic?Many businesses fall into the trap of spending large sums of money with web design agencies on getting a well-designed website. The issue at the other end of the production process is how do online customers find my website.

Search engine optimisation is the process of manipulating your website in order for it to appear higher in search engines. Basically the higher your position in search engines the more traffic you will get flowing through your site and more traffic will mean more business for your company. The HROC SEO strategy is both ethical and designed to help you get more potential customers into your website. Common belief is that writing stacks of content on your site is the key to achieving high search rankings and the secret of SEO. Search engine optimisation is about compliance to a number of key factors in order to get your site noticed by search engines, it is then taking these components and optimising them in a way that promotes your site to users and search engines.

HROC adopts a transparent approach to SEO and search engine optimisation consultancy. We try to dispel the myths for our clients and work for them in a way, where they can see the results online and we don’t bog them down with techno babble or analytics reports. We focus on results and achieving our clients goals, we achieve this by working in a way that is both ethical and results driven.

Anyone can set up a PPC Campaign and anyone can spend a PPC Budget. This does not mean you are getting the most from your paid search investment. Pay Per Click advertising is everywhere now. You can pay all the major UK search engines for advertising space on keywords related to your business. The search engines have made it simple for anyone to start these keyword campaigns. However running an optimised PPC campaign is not simple. We provide pay per click management for our clients above and beyond simply spending a budget. Our pay per click management services go above and beyond handing our clients’ money to Google, Yahoo and MSN.Like anything in life, PPC has its pitfalls. In terms of pay per click this comes in the forms of greedy search agencies trying to get you to spend more, poor keyword choices, bad campaign setup, to name a few. From the outset we ensure that our clients have the correct consultation to ensure they assign the correct budget to their search campaign and bid on the right keywords. For HRO’C this is not job done and feet up time. Our PPC management service is built on optimisation and more optimisation. Search engine charges per click are only increasing, so we know for our clients it is key to get qualified traffic to their sites. Pay Per Click campaigns can be optimised to improve all aspects of their performance, including reducing your costs and the cost per conversion. Our clients benefit from the fact that we are not constantly asking them to spend more money, we manage our clients’ activity with clear objectives and targets towards conversion rather than spend. PPC is not about increasing budgets, it’s about optimisation, results and return on investment.

Successful email marketing campaigns start with great planning and finish with great results. As a primary marketing channel for many businesses, effective email marketing campaigns still elude many companies.

The digital marketing team at HROC have a wide experience working on email marketing campaigns. Our experience extends itself to B2B and B2C targeting. We work with clients from the inception of the campaign, through to email design, data acquisition, transmission and reporting. Each of these stages holds an key role to the success of any email marketing campaign. Fail in one area and the email marketing campaign is likely to under-perform.


For many businesses email marketing is a low cost brand marketing exercise. Whilst we see many businesses perfecting this channel, we see more trying and failing. A key part of this failure is poor initial planning. Successful email marketing comes from planning every detail of the campaign:

  • Correct target demographic
  • High quality email data
  • Transmission time and delivery data

We have seen email marketing campaigns perform badly due to the wrong day and time of the transmission. With so many variables affecting the performance of a campaign, successful planning is paramount.


We all know that great design is a key factor in most marketing efforts. Email campaigns are no exception to the rule. HROC’s strength is creating engaging digital transmissions that not only engage the recipient, but more importantly appear in their email client software the way it was designed.Email design is an art form. The design should be engaging, have key calls to action and promote the message you intended. We have years of experience in this area creating engaging email communications that drive your target users online and/or communicate your brand message.


At HROC the digital team are very focused on reporting and results. Perfecting your email marketing efforts comes from reviewing the performance of past campaigns and looking for areas of improvement. This ensures that anytime you invest in this area you get maximum exposure and conversion.

How can you understand your return on investment unless you have the right analytics infrastructure? The great thing about online marketing is the fact that everything you do can be tracked, so long as you have the right analytics installed and correctly configured. Correctly configured analytics and measurement will allow you to truly see what your return on investment is from online AND offline channels.At HROC we ensure all of our clients have the correct analytics infrastructure and reporting in place, as a result of this work our clients to truly see the performance of their website and where their marketing budget is best invested. We use analytics to highlight key business driving information to our clients. Great online reporting is there to highlight much more than how many hits you have had. Analytics can provide you with key data to help improve the content on your website, conversion channels and highlight where best to invest your budget.

Offline measurement with analytics

Believe it or not, you can actually measure the performance of your offline media spend when you are driving consumers to your website. HROC has successfully worked with clients to establish tracking and monitoring of offline media campaigns and advertising. This allows them to see clearly in analytics reports the success from their investment. These reports can be configured to highlight conversions, traffic, site performance and many other key elements that can truly identify return on investment.

Analytics reporting & configuration

Installing analytics software is only the first step to success. Without being able to interpret the findings correctly, your online marketing will struggle to achieve its full potential. HROC provides a full service analytics installation and reporting service that will allow you to get the best from your marketing effort.

Imagine 100’s of websites driving traffic and potential customers to your website. Imagine you only paid these websites commission if one of these visitors purchased something. Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing allows you to engage with individuals who will promote your website and its products or services. The companies are called “affiliates”. These companies have existing websites and promotional methods that they will use to promote your business online. They use the traditional online marketing methods to promote your business from their own sites and some marketing methods you may not be aware of. Affiliates work on a commission basis, so you only pay when they make a sale and you decide on commission (normally a percentage of the sales value).Affiliate managementLike everything else in life affiliate marketing is not without its pitfalls. For many marketing managers the thought of 100s of people marketing your business could bring nightmares. This is why you need an affiliate management company like HROC. We ensure that your affiliate campaign is constructed correctly, while our affiliate management techniques ensure that the affiliates recruited to promote your business in a way YOU want. We will help you avoid the pitfalls of affiliate marketing by managing the programme proactively, ensuring that you get success from this channel.

The affiliate channel is very powerful. SKY, BT and Virgin media all benefit from the affiliate channel and invest a great deal each year into this marketing channel. In order to get the most out of the affiliates you must engage with the right affiliate management company. HROC affiliate management will help you avoid the pitfalls and develop affiliate partners who will bring you more traffic and business. – See more at: http://www.hroc.co.uk/services/digital/#sthash.rnoKkdct.dpuf