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Creating Conversations

In today’s fast-paced technological age, everything you do or say is public relations. At HROC, we specialise in creating conversations with engaging content both on and offline. We will build and enhance your brand’s reputation with your target audience in a meaningful and credible way across a range of platforms and channels. Matching your communication objectives with your commercial goals.

One of the most important areas of PR is brand reputation management. We work with clients across a wide industry spectrum providing reputation management services both off and online. This can vary from community relations, in a planning process for a new building, quarry or supermarket for instance, right through to Online Reputation Management (ORM) where brands are suffering from customer servicing issues for example and are being lambasted by unhappy customers in forums and comparison websites.

Reputation management requires careful planning and delivery to address the issues and carefully work with the organisation to ensure the minimum damage is inflicted, promoting the positives and dealing with the negatives in a sensitive and forthright way. We have devised a number of systems and processes to offer a comprehensive Online Reputation Management package for customers affected by online issues which are harmful to the brand and are working with a number of leading brands in this specialist area. The first thing most of us do when searching for goods or services is search online, and the results found from Google, Yahoo or MSN can quickly shape our opinion of a brand or product, good or bad. Our reputation management tools can help repair your brand reputation and defend it over the long term.

Back in the day people used to listen to the radio, watch the news at a certain time of day and read a daily paper. Forget all that. We sit at our desks and read the news online. We watch television news at 3am on a digital channel. We don’t care what brands are telling us anymore, it’s what other consumers say that counts, through blogs and forums. It’s not just about communication anymore, it’s about conversation.

Online PR is a powerful tool which helps you engage in those conversations, helps influence consumer opinion and manages and protects your brand reputation online. Much off the offline media now has an online equivalent and the rise of forums, opinion sites and blogs has been astronomical in recent years. Online PR allows you to utilise this powerful communication tool but you need to know what you’re doing, because if you don’t, and you get it wrong, it can have damaging consequences.

Online PR is a specialism that we have developed over a number of years and we are now seen as a leader in this relatively new discipline. Online PR isn’t just about communication though, it can help with your SEO rankings and if done properly can have a demonstrable and extremely measurable positive effect on your business.

Finding a venue, organising caterers, name badges, table plans, agendas, menus, speakers, script writing, presentations, press packs, AV equipment, marquees, balloons, branding and signage is all in a days work for the event management team. As is adding in special touches, such as sourcing entertainment such as DJs or bands through to caricaturists or magicians. We’ve got it all in our little black book. Right from the word go, our event management team will work with you to provide a memorable event which achieves its objectives. The planning stages are critical and we work with you every step of the way to make sure that the event is delivered on time and on budget. Organising any event can be a stressful and time-consuming job. Our event management team ensures that your event won’t take up your time or bring you out in a rash – you can simply let us get on with it, safe in the knowledge that your event will be a success.

We provide crisis PR planning for every client and offer this as a service for any organisation working with HROC. We offer sound, strategic communications advice for clients and start the process with a crisis PR procedures document for you to follow should the worst happen. We also provide media training for key personnel and provide a firewall between you and the media. It’s important to deal with a PR crisis effectively as the ramifications of not doing so can damage the brand beyond measure.

Effective Crisis PR means you can plan for a specific crisis if you know its coming, you can have plans in place in the eventuality of a crisis, and you can react quickly and decisively if things go wrong. As well as offering Crisis PR to all existing clients we also work with organisations that have a specific need for our services. Bad news can travel fast, especially online, and if the media start calling you need to be prepared. A media crisis can start from many issues, an accident at work, a fire, redundancies or restructuring, or a faulty product or recall to name but a few. At HROC, our crisis PR team is made up of senior PR practitioners and led by the managing director. So if the worst does happen and it feels like everyone’s against you, you know that you’ll receive the best advice and support from us.

You’ve got to get creative if you want great consumer PR. You’ve got to have a good platform, understand your audience and what they watch, what they read, what they listen to and how you can communicate with them on a level and through a medium that makes them sit up and take notice.

Our consumer PR team understand how consumers think. We don’t just write press releases, we develop campaigns that live and breathe our client’s values and messages. We go beyond the traditional PR route of media lists and contacts to understand the triggers of consumer thinking and trends. We use up-to-the-minute technology to receive journalist’s requests for information and spark interest and discussion about your brand within the correct context. The trick with consumer PR is to ensure your brand cuts through the consumer mix to be at the forefront of audience thinking and achieve creative standout from all the other noise. Our hard working consumer PR press office delivers PR solutions to meet the needs of your business without the fluff, and generates creative and well thought through campaigns to guarantee hard hitting consumer PR coverage.

We want our clients to be famous in their own respective industries, through biting comment, campaigning on issues that affect them and their customers, positioning them as experts in their own arena and leading debate and opinion. Business PR comes in many forms. It can be trade and technical PR communicating with customers across a broad spectrum of industry sectors or it can be a corporate positioning or a brand awareness campaign. Our Business PR programmes are not just about writing press releases on new products. When we talk about Business PR we talk about objectives. Business PR is about understanding business and not just the media.

We are business people too and bring a wealth of experience to any campaign having worked with organisations the length and breadth of the country, large and small. It may be a media relations project, a product launch, feature articles that achieve real stand-out in the press, community relations, investor and stakeholder relations, case studies, industry comment or good old fashioned strategic communications advice. Either way our Business PR team will have the experience and knowledge to achieve your objectives in a cost effective and measurable way.